Stomatopods in Film

Human beings, just like stomatopods, are exceedingly visually-oriented animals, and so I decided to include a section on films which portray mantis shrimps, either as the main subject or simply as part of the overall action. Please note that I have included reviews in the following pages, so you should not view them if you think your enjoyment will be spoiled later while watching the films.

  1. Fastest Claws in the West (Review by ASJ - November 14, 2002).
  2. Australia's Reef Warriors (Travel Channel, January 2001 --- Preview by D. Vance)
  3. Predators and Prey (Discovery Channel, October 1998)
  4. Cephalopods: Incredible Suckers
  5. Secrets of the Ocean Realm: Cathedral in the Sea (March 25,1998)
  6. Trials of Life: Fighting
  7. Fastest Claw in the West (preview by Dr. Roy Caldwell).
  8. Behavior of the mantis shrimp Gonodactylus bredini. Film produced by the Institute fur den Wissenshaftlichen Film, Gottingen, Germany (Encyclopedia Cinematorgraphica). 1968. Dingle, H., R. L. Caldwell, and H. Schone.
  9. Animal Minds. Film produced by John Rubin, National Geographic Television. 1995. (R. Caldwell, scientific advisior).

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