Stomatopod Care and Rearing

This will consist of articles from contributors, as well as information from the public literature (which basically consists of journal articles). It should be noted at the beginning that mantis shrimps have been credited by some aquarists as being extremely tough to kill (one anecdotal story has the author sticking a mantis shrimp in a sealed dry jar, then finding out that the thing was still alive days later), and others have noted the ease with which these animals can be cultured. . If you are one of those extremely rare individuals who has maintained one of the commercially available species, please feel free to contact me to help expand this section.

  1. Shipping Stomatopods Part 2 by Dr. Roy Caldwell (October 2,2004)
  2. Shell Disease in Odontodactylus scyllarus Revisited by Dr. Roy Caldwell (July 10,2003)
  3. How often do they need to be fed? by Dr. Roy Caldwell (July 10,2003)
  4. Mantis shrimp sensitivity to various household solvents by Dr. Roy Caldwell (September 28,2001)
  5. Shipping Stomatopods by Dr. Roy Caldwell (September 27,2001)
  6. Acquiring your first stomatopod
  7. Smart Shopping: When is a Clown not a Clown? (April 10,1998)
  8. Maintaining mantis shrimps (April 5,1998)
  9. Care Bits (tidbits from assorted emails by the author)
  10. List of Stomatopod Prey
  11. Care and Rearing

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