Stomatopod Biology

This section will contain short summaries of the biology of stomatopods, based on research and review articles in the literature.

Stomatopod Vision: A More Delightful Vision
Our own colorful world pales in comparison to the world of the mantis shrimps. These Crustaceans must be considered the champions of color vision, since their eyes have more than ten different classes of visual pigments. Let Peter A. Ensminger show you why mantis shrimps are reputed to have the most sophisticated vision in the world!

- by Peter A. Ensminger (May 11,2002)

A Pictorial Primer on Stomatopod Sex
Do not miss this! Dr. Roy Caldwell gives a short lecture on stomatopod sex, and provides some absolutely fascinatings pics! Ever wonder what a stomatopod penis looks like? Does the sight of motherly love give you a warm fuzzy feeling? Did you ever have the (somewhat perverted) urge to see mantis shrimps doing "it"? If you said yes to any of the above, then COME ON IN!

- by Dr Roy Caldwell (January 18,2002)

Creating Smashers
A few million years ago, two visitors to our world sat under a palm-like tree and basked in the warm breeze that swept in from the nearby sea. The tide had receded and the two watched as beneath the gentle waves a myriad of critters swam and ate and died in a dance of events that mirrored the larger dance of life.

- by ASJ (January 30, 2001)

Reproduction and Mating in Stomatopods
Stomatopod mating behavior varies considerably between different species, as befits a group of animals with such diverse habits. In this article we'll take a look at some representative mating habits in mantis shrimps, from the promiscuous systems practiced by species such as Oratosquilla to strictly monogamous stomatopods like Lysiosquillina.

- by ASJ (January 15, 2001)

Learning in Stomatopods
A wandering stomatopod once came across a large tubular structure. Long, delicate-looking tentacles sprouted from one end to wave to and fro in the gentle current, and the arthropod moved closer in order to get a better look at the strange creature.

- by ASJ (March 22, 1998)

The Stomatopod and the Wheel
One of the intriguing questions about nature is the fact that no one has yet discovered an organism that actively uses wheels or wheel-like motions to get around.

- by ASJ (March 7,1998)

Deception in Stomatopods
The stomatopod smashers vigorously compete for preformed cavities in rocks and corals, and most species in this group have developed a complex repertoire of acts to facilitate the ordered competition for this relatively scare resource.

- by ASJ (February 22,1998)

Aspects of the Stomatopod strike
The prey strike of the stomatopods is something that has slowly become enshrined in superlatives, with commentators and writers waxing lyrical about the speed and power of this beautifully simple, yet undeniably deadly, act.

- by ASJ (February 15,1998)

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