Stomatopod Researchers

If you do research in stomatopods, please feel free to email me for inclusion into this list.

Shane Ahyong Phylogeny and Taxonomy of the world Stomatopods
Malcolm Burrows Mechanics of the prey strike
Roy Caldwell Agonistic behavior, learning, ecology, vision, etc.
Alex Cheroske Color signaling in stomatopods --- how the various conspicuous colored spots (like the meral spot) may be used for conveying organismal information to the complex color vision system that mantis shrimps possess.
David L. Cowles Behavior and metabolism of Hemisquilla ensigera
Thomas Cronin Vision
Hugh Dingle Agonistic behavior
Jack Engle Hemisquilla ensigera population biology and ecology
Cees HJ Hof fossil stomatopods and stomatopod evolution
Jeremy Jones Muscles of visual system
Thomas J Kariathil Research on biology,population dynamics and resource estimation of mantis shrimp, Harpiosquilla raphidea.
Raymond B. Manning Taxonomy, Phylogeny
Justin Marshall Vision
Mohammad Kasim Moosa Stomatopod fauna of the South China Sea
Kirsten Lindstrom Gene flow in South Pacific populations of stomatopods
Kristina Mead Biomechanics of chemoreception in stomatopods
Marjorie Reaka-Kudla Evolution, ecology
Wafaa Sallam Ecology and sexual biology of local mantis shrimp species Erugosquilla massavensis
Katherine Schafer Population dynamics
Helga Schiff Stomatopod vision, physiology, morphology, behavior, models of vision
Christina King Smith Stomatopod vision
Jen Wortham Stomatopod Sexual Biology

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