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Fastest Claw in the West

The most popular stomatopod film was "Fastest Claw". This was part of the Attenborough "Wildlife on One" BBC series that was on the air for several years. In a recent audience poll of their all time favorite episodes, "Fastest Claw" was in the top five. The program was eventually sold to National Geographic who re-edited it. Both versions still pop up on television from time to time. It includes shots of courtship and copulation, stomatopods killing crabs and lobsters, and even one working a Rubric's Cube. The footage was mostly by Paul Atkins and Mike DeGruy and was shot mainly in Hawaii with some lab work in Berkeley.

(In this film) you can see interactions with an octopus, a slipper lobster, a box crab, etc. An O. scyllarus male was the star. The best shots are of this beast taking out both a slipper lobster and a box crab bigger than he was.

<This film also won the Anglia Television Award for Revelation in 1986!>

Dr. Roy Caldwell (scientific advisor for the film)

* For a detailed review of this film, click here.

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