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This new section features pics of mantis shrimps maintained by various aquarists. It includes great information on the care and maintainance of these critters as pets. As always, please note that copyrights for these images remain solely with the original photographers, and you may not use any of the pics without their express written consents*.

IMPORTANT: This restriction includes LINKING to images in this site in external web sites and discussion/bulletin boards. This site maintains automated scripts that check the use of images from this site in external sites and there seems to be a noticeable increase in the creation of these composite web pages. As an alternative, link to the HTML page containing the pic instead of directly to an image file.

Click on the thumbnails to get detailed information and larger versions of the pics.

The King by Scott L. (36 kb). Ruby by Scott L. (51 kb). Peacock Mantis Shrimp by Adam Jones (53 kb).
Monster Feast! by Dan Neal (50 kb). Spectacular Stripes! by Robie Sayan (59 kb) Let there be light! by Alex Gawura (64 kb)
Who Goes There? by Liz Hoeppel (60 kb). My Little Garden by Frank and Jennifer Sronce (69 kb). I'm Keeping an Eye on You by Brian Chow (69 kb).
Happy Food Dances to the Goddess and other things by Kara (107 kb). The Lone Sentry by Lisa Page (128 kb). Curved Weapons by Israel Saari (123 kb).

* It is a crime to use copyrighted works without the owner's permission. Why go through all that hassle? Most here would probably be pleased to help you out, so long as credit for the work remains with them.

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