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Gonodactylus sp.
Text and Photograph by Liz Hoeppel

Who Goes There?

We discovered we had one of our own that must have hitchhiked into our tank in a piece of live rock. Luckily, we had an extra 6 gallon tank lying around, so he's had a prime lair all to himself and can't decimate any more of our reef critters (we lost two small tridacna clams to him). He's gorgeous, about 10 cm long, but I'm not sure what species. He's a smasher, and in addition to pieces of krill, he also enjoys the occasional small feeder fish. Since we placed him in the 6-gallon in January 2002, he's been a great fun to observe and photo.

Thank you, and again, great Mantis site! We've even hooked several of our friends onto the joys of possibly keeping a pet Mantis of their own!

Editor's note: Liz' smasher looks like a Gonodactylaceus ternatensis - seeing the tail end would surely help identify it because this species has a distinct bump on its telson.

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