Stomatopod Images

Photograph by Bonnie Pelnar

Orange Lysiosquillid

Here is another picture of a beautiful orange-colored spearer.

This is an as-yet undescribed lysiosquillid which is found in East Asian waters. Unlike many smashers, this stomatopod lives in deeper waters (15m), and at these depths the ambient light conditions render it a dull brown that blends in nicely with the sea floor substrate.

Dr. Caldwell notes that there are orange stomatopods in shallow water as well, including Pseudosquilla ciliata and Neogonodactylus bahiahondensis.

In these cases,this rather rare color form may be selected for in areas with orange or brown-tinted environments.

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Updated July 10,2003: These beautiful spearers have been named Lysiosquilloides mapia! According to Dr. Caldwell, Mark Erdmann named it after the the Mapia Resort house reef, operated by Celebes Divers where the type specimen was collected. In the local Sangier language, "mapia" means "beautiful" which is also appropriate. Reference: Erdmann, M.V. and M. Boyer. 2003. Lysiosquilloides mapia, a new species of stomatopod crustacean from northern Sulawesi (Stomatopoda: Lysiosquillidae). Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 51:43-47.

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