Stomatopod Images

Lysiosquilla pic.
Photograph by Gail Worth, Photocean

Beauty in Orange

A very unusual, and beautiful, orange-colored stomatopod hunkers down and waits. The other unusual thing about this image is that she managed to get a side view of the thing. This was photographed in the Lembeh Straits, in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Saya mau pergi ke Indonesia lagi! Visit Gail's site and see some gorgeous pics of mantis shrimps and other critters!

Updated July 10,2003: These beautiful spearers have been named Lysiosquilloides mapia! According to Dr. Caldwell, Mark Erdmann named it after the the Mapia Resort house reef, operated by Celebes Divers where the type specimen was collected. In the local Sangier language, "mapia" means "beautiful" which is also appropriate. Reference: Erdmann, M.V. and M. Boyer. 2003. Lysiosquilloides mapia, a new species of stomatopod crustacean from northern Sulawesi (Stomatopoda: Lysiosquillidae). Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 51:43-47.

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