Stomatopod Images

Haptosquilla trispinosa
Photograph by ATJ

Haptosquilla trispinosa (?) in aquarium

Haptosquilla stomatopods have a distinctive telson* which is divided into two distinct lobes. Some Haptosquilla species use this telson to evict other mantis shrimps from their burrows. A Haptosquilla first plugs the hole of the burrow with its telson. This heavily armored structure can withstand the repeated blows of the occupant's raptorial strikes, and the invading mantis shrimp holds this position for several hours if need be...

Finally, the besieged stomatopod flees its own burrow, driven away either by the prolonged stress, the lowered oxygen content in its home, or because of aggressive defecation by the invader into the cavity.

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* the tail end of the mantis shrimp

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