Stomatopod Images

Photograph and comments by Dr. Roy Caldwell

Pseudosquilla ciliata mating

Pseudosquilla ciliata, like Odontodactylus scyllarus, will mate any time in the females reproductive cycle and females actively solicit copulations from males.

The male is the dark green animal. Males mate with females by grasping their carapace (plate behind the head) and then bend around so that their ventral thorax opposes the females. He then inserts his to penises (gonopods) into her gonopores. The gonopods are at the base of the last pair of walking legs. They are about a quarter the length of the leg, so they are easy to see. The female has a pair of openings (gonopores) between her first pair of walking legs. It is usually easier to see the male's gonopods.

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