Stomatopod Log Entry: Who says stomatopods don't write poetry?

Contributor: Dr. Robert A. Rasmussen

Editor's Note: A preview of what The Stomatopod was all about, courtesy of one of its contributing authors. More to come, I hope.....

"The Stomatopod was an eclectic mixture of science, humor, and poetry published by the faculty and students of the Biology Department of Humboldt State University for about five years, many years ago. All the copy was hand written or drawn and photocopied, as is. The primary movers behind the "journal" were Gary Brusca (of Brusca and Brusca) and Richard Meyer, an invertebrate geneticist. I think they liked the irreverence of the acronym for the American Stomatopod Society. The whole thing was a hoot. There was a regular comic strip called Spurm that verged on professional."

Robert A. Rasmussen PhD

Professor of Botany

Publication List in The Stomatopod:

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