What is the purpose of this site?

The Lurker's Guide to Stomatopods is an additional information resource for those people interested in the study and care of stomatopods (mantis shrimps). It will hopefully provide a good starting point for marine enthusiasts who are either thinking of maintaining these creatures, or who are desperately seeking answers to the sudden disappearances of inhabitants of their aquaria. Researchers and potential workers in the study of these fascinating animals may also use the references and other features of the site as an initial introduction to the order.

This is not meant as a static reference guide, but as an ever-growing, forever-changing source of information about mantis shrimps. People, whether they be aquarium enthusiasts, divers, or research scientists, are encouraged to send in information about the mantis shrimp for inclusion into the web site by contacting A. Sunjian.

This animation was constructed from diagrams in the paper "Stomatopods" by Caldwell and Dingle in Scient Am 234, 80-89.  

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