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Razing Cane, Controlling Invasive Arundo Cane

Author: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Date: Dec 16, 2016

Texas Rivers and stream are under attack. The invasive Giant Reed threatens pretty much every river system in the state, but biologists are fighting back. We focus on the pristine Pedernales River and see what it takes to knock back this towering cane invader.

Invasive Species Removal - Giant reed spreading in Sabino Canyon

Author: TucsonAudubonSociety

Date: Nov 20, 2009

Volunteers are trying to get rid of an invasive plant that's been destroying many natives in one of Southern Arizona's most popular tourist attractions. Arundo donax, commonly known as giant reed, has been spreading quickly in the riparian areas of Sabino Canyon, endangering endemic species such as mesquite, ash trees and the button willow shrub.

Arundo the Invader!

Author: Ventura Land Trust

Date: 2016

Arundo donax (also known as Giant reed, or simply "arundo") is an incredibly invasive plant that is choking our Ventura River. In this short video, "Arundo the Invader!" by Ventura Hillsides Conservancy member Scott Ripple, learn why this plant is so detrimental and what is being done to combat it!

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