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Growing Meconostigma from Cuttings

(Last Edit: 2014/7/8)

A compilation of cutting tips from some of the top experts in the field. Additional tips are welcome from all Meconostigma growers.

Leland Miyano

GUIDELINES: I choose a plant with adequate stem to cut while retaining the basal portion in the pot or ground to continue growing and to pup. I wait until an adventitious root makes it's appearance on the mature stem. Then I guide the newly emerging and short, root into a pot of well-drained media. The adventitious roots of Meconostigma remain flexible only for a short period. If older roots are bent, this may cause the root to die. One may have to support the pot on the stem with wire or other tie and support stakes, so that when the top is cut free, the cutting is not attached to a long, easily damaged root. In a month or until the root grows feeder roots, the top can be severed from the mother plant. The bottom portion of the plant will continue to grow and should put out vegetative buds and new heads. Good luck. Some Meconostigma will rarely branch from the cut stem of the bottom portion if the remaining stem is long. You may end up with a headless stick and some basal pups. Keep this in mind.

Now. On some common Meconostigma, one can slice and dice the stem and get some to bud and root. With rare plants, the percentages of success are low. That is why they remain rare. Tissue cultured Philodendron xanadu are common...but do a test to root a mature stem cutting without roots. Small basal pups are much easier to root. Normally, if I have only one plant, I will be extremely conservative and root the cutting on the mother plant and then set it free. Until I have a minimum of three stock plants, I am nervous about losing plants due to natural or unnatural causes.

- March 13, 2011


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