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Thaumatophyllum selloum - Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum

Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum
oleh ChrisR

I have a large philodendron bipinnatifidum as a house plant which lives in our conservatory. Since being repotted last year into the largest pot I could find at our garden center, it sat dormant for a little while and then rapidly exploded into a flurry of growth, virtually doubling in size. It appears to be very happy. Recently, it produced 4 flower buds on the main stem and 2 on a smaller side stem. This is quite exciting for us since this is the first time the plant has ever flowered. The plant has a little history to it, being originally given to me by my mother some 25 years ago who had herself owned it for 25 years previously. So it's slightly older than I am. 50 years. She had mistakenly told me it was a monstera deliciosa which is what I always thought it was until recently, thanks to this website.

One of the four buds opened a few days ago. I'd read that some of these flowers can produce heat in the evening to encourage pollination(?) Sure enough, on an infra red thermometer, the spadix measured 37 degrees centigrade in a room temperature of 24 degrees centigrade i.e the flower was 13 degrees hotter than room temperature. Which I find astonishing. I took the measurement early evening at about 8 pm.

The flower does have a faint (& v pleasant) scent, a little like musk. The scent is more easily noticable on my fingertips after gently touching the spadix. I'm absolutely enthralled by this intriguing plant which seems to grow visibly daily!


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