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The Mirror: Mantis Shrimp breaks 1/4 in thick tank in UK!

Editors Note: This page will soon be included in a new section called "Mantis Sightings" , which will contain references to articles in the mainstream media dealing with mantis shrimps.

Thanks to Ray Girvan for finding this article in the British newspaper, The Daily Mirror. He notes that "Tyson" is what British "rednecks" name their dogs, either because the dog is fierce or - more usually - the owner wants people to think it is.


Tyson smashes tank

A four-inch shrimp* has been named Tyson by aquarium staff - after he punched a hole in his thick glass tank. The green mantis shrimp is known for its powerful claws, which it uses to smash open crab shells with the force of a rifle bullet.

But staff were amazed when Tyson hammered a hole in the quarter-inch glass. He has now been moved to a tougher tank at the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Manager Toby Briant said: "When we took him out he was clawing and snapping. Nobody dared touch him."He added: "All our visitors assume our sharks are man-eating killers, but they are pussycats compared to Tyson. His power is incredible."

(image of shrimp): FIERCE: Four-inch Tyson stares menacingly at visitors from his new - and thicker - tank yesterday.

(image of cracked tank): HOLE: The damage to Tyson's tank.

- THE MIRROR, Friday April 10, 1998, page 11

* approximately 9 cm in length.