I'm getting a lot of positive and interesting feedback from visitors to the site. Here's some email messages that are notable for one reason or another. I do not include addresses unless specifically requested by the author in order to protect his or her identity.

*Marine aquarists are usually extremely hostile towards mantis shrimps, and I was surprised to get this email from a new "convert" to the field:

*I am always glad to see how useful the web has become as a tool for learning. I will definitely work hard to make this site a resource for students. This is from a university professor....

*IMHO, one of the most important things to remember when constructing sites is to keep it simple, and easily navigable. The very name "hypertext" implies the ability to jump around from document to document, and a poorly designed web site is usually one which is confusing to navigate. In relatively small sites, this is usually not a problem, but as a site grows in complexity, the web designer must always keep in mind that the reader must still be able to find data in the site with as little hassle as possible. A short email from the Schroeders states that This site is outstanding, nice is an understatement. Great pics, fascinating information and easy to navigate through. I was definitely pleased that this growing site seems to continue to be such a "hassle-free" resource for people.