Acromyrmex versicolor: Am I on the wrong side?

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Acromyrmex versicolor.

Acromyrmex versicolor: Am I on the wrong side?

Photo by Dale Ward
Website: Ants of Arizona

Acromyrmex versicolor is the only Acromyrmex ant in Arizona. In fact, it's the only leafcutter in the area other than the few Atta mexicana colonies in Organ Pipe Cactus National Park near Tucson. These ants were abundant when I visited the Tucson area in 1991, and I saw their lines almost every time I stopped to collect Pheidole.

In this picture, an individual patiently saws through a small twig. One can only hope the ant is on the right side of the twig (a.k.a. the side attached to the main branch).

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