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My research on the common names given to the various leafcutters. This is fascinating stuff, and shows the importance given to leafcutters by the local people, especially since most ants do not even rate a common name. When I was in Costa Rica, I found leafcutters mainly by asking for "Zompopos", and about 99% of the time they knew what I was talking about immediately!

AkêkêParaguayAcromyrmex spp.
Attas cortahojasMexico? 
BachacoVenezuelaAtta sexdens ("Bachaco rojo"), Acromyrmex octospinosus ("Bachaco sabanero")
BachacsTrinidad, Tobago 
BibijaguasCubaAtta insularis
BlattschneiderGermanyAtta spp
BlattschneideameisenGermanyAtta/Acromyrmex spp
CoquisPeruAtta spp
Cut antTexas and Lousiana, USAAtta texana spp
Formigas CortadeirasBrazilAtta and Acromyrmex spp. Note that Brazilians have specific names for each genus, as below.
Fourmis champignonnisteFrench West Indies (Guadaloupe) 
Fourmis coupeuses de feuillesFrench for Atta sppAtta spp.
Fourmi maniocFrench West Indies (Guadaloupe) 
Hormiga arrieraMexico, Central America (Costa Rica) 
Hormigas cortadoras de hojasArgentinaAtta and Acromyrmex
Hormiga isaúArgentinaAtta vollenweideri
Hormiga negraArgentinaAcromyrmex lundi
MochomoMexicoAtta mexicana
Parasol antEnglish-speaking countriesAtta spp spp
PodadorasArgentinaAtta and Acromyrmex
QuenquénsBrazilAcromyrmex spp

  • quenquém-preto-brilhante (A. ambiguus)

  • quenquém-rajada (A. aspersus)

  • quenquém-de-árvore (A. coronatus)

  • quenquém-de-cisco (A. crassispinus)

  • quenquém-mirim or formiga-carregadeira (Acromyrmex diasi, Acromyrmex disciger)

  • Formiga-de-monte-vermelha (A. heyeri)

  • Formiga-mineira (Acromyrmex hispidus fallax)

  • quenquém-de-cisco-da-Amazônia (Acromyrmex hispidus formosus, Acromyrmex hystrix)

  • Boca-de-cisco, formiga rapa-rapa, formiga-rapa or formiga meia-lua (Acromyrmex landolti balzani)

  • Formiga-mineira or formiga-mineira-vermelha (Acromyrmex landolti fracticornis, Acromyrmex landolti landolti, Acromyrmex laticeps laticeps)

  • quenquém-campeira (Acromyrmex laticeps migrosetosus)

  • quenquém-de-monte-preta (Acromyrmex lobicornis)

  • Formiga-mineira-preta, quenquém-mineira or quenquém mineira-preta (Acromyrmex lundi carli, Acromyrmex lundi lundi)

  • Formiga-mineira (Acromyrmex lundi pubescens, Acromyrmex muticinodus)

  • Carieira or quenquém-mineira-da-Amazônia (Acromyrmex niger, Acromyrmex nobilis, Acromyrmex octospinosus)

  • Formiga-quiçaçá (Acromyrmex rugosus rochai)

  • Saúva, formiga-lavradeira or formiga-mulatinha (Acromyrmex rugosus rugosus)

  • Formiga-de-rodeio or formiga-de-eira (Acromyrmex striatus)

  • quenquém-de-cisco-graúda (Acromyrmex subterraneus bruneus)

  • quenquém-caiapó-capixaba (Acromyrmex subterraneus molestans)

  • Caiapó (Acromyrmex subterraneus subterraneus)
SaúvaBrazilAtta spp
  • Sauva-da-mandioca, saúva-limão (Atta sexdens)

  • Saúva parda (Atta capiguara)

  • Saúva-da-mata (Atta cephalotes)

  • Saúva-cabeça-de-vidro (Atta laevigata)

  • Saúva mata-pasto (Atta bisphaerica)
SaúvaBrazil (from: sistemasdeproducao.cnptia.embrapa.br)Atta spp
  • Saúva-mata-pasto (Atta bisphaerica Forel)
  • Saúva-parda (Atta capiguara Gonçalves, 1944)
  • Saúva-da-mata (Atta cephalotes)
  • Saúva (Atta goiana Gonçalves, 1942; Atta silvai Gonçalves, 1982; Atta vollenweideri Forel, 1939 )
  • Saúva-de-vidron (Atta laevigata)
  • Saúva-do-sertão-do-nordeste (Atta opaciceps Borgmeier, 1939)
  • Saúva-preta (Atta robusta Borgmeier, 1939)
  • Saúva- limão -sulina (Atta sexdens piriventris Santschi, 1919)
  • Saúva-limão (Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908)
  • Formiga-da-mandioca (Atta sexdens sexdens (L., 1758))
TekenGuatemala Local IndiansAtta cephalotes
Town antTexas and Lousiana, USAAtta texana spp
YsaúParaguayAtta spp
Wee-weeHondurasAtta spp
ZampopaGuatemalaAtta spp
ZompoposCentral america (Costa Rica, Guatemala)Atta and Acromyrmex spp

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