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Here is an alphabetical list of some great ant resources on the web. If you'd like to be added to the list, please email me.

Website Authors (s) Comments
Ants of Arizona Dale Ward You could spend hours reading about Dale's great adventures with the Ants of Arizona. His photos are second to none, and he has tons of quicktime movies of Arizona ants too. Here are his pics of Atta mexicana, and here is Acromyrmex versicolor.
Ants of Cowling Arboretum and McNight Prairie Tim Linksvayer, Andy McCall Nice pics of Atta cephalotes and Atta colombica from Costa Rica (although I don't see a link to these from the homepage).
Cybereef's Leafcutter Ants of Costa Rica Phil Slosberg Some cool pics and narrative about leafcutter ants in Costa Rica. I give it two thumbs up because the site also has lots of great images of marine life!
Costa Rican Ant Identification Resources Jack Longino Comprehensive resource on Costa Rican ants. Has a new set of pages for Atta and Acromyrmex. The detailed close-up images in this site are unbelievable.
Myrmecos.Net Alex Wild Awesome images from Alex Wild about ants and other critters. His collection of leafcutter images is one of the best on the web.
New World Army Ants Gordon C. and Roy R. Snelling Everything (and I mean everything) you wanted to know about army ants in the neotropical region.
Notes from Underground Edited by Gordon C. Snelling, Roy R. Snelling and James C. Trager The one and only myrmecological journal/newsletter on the internet. If you don't subscribe to this, then you're nothing but an ant wannabee and weenie.
Tropical Soil Movers : Leafcutter Ants in Action Francois weeseman Atta sexdens colony in a laboratory.

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