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Click on the images to the right to get detailed pics. These art images are copyright to their authors. You may not use them without permission from the respective owners. Please contact myself or the authors (via their websites) if you need any assistance.

This 15 cm long leafcutter ant model is the creation of Hilary Talbot, a freelance puppet maker and web site illustrator who is based in Canberra, Australia. She began making puppets and theatre props in 1995 with Company Skylark, and since then has been involved in a variety of productions and builds. You can visit her website,, for more information.
Dragonfly Glass is the creation of glass artist Jaye Houle. Jaye specializes in creating fanciful insects and functional art for the home. She designs her pieces to take advantage of the rich colors and complex patterns of fine art glass. Her pieces  combine traditional Tiffany stained glass techniques with the newly revived tradition of kiln fired glass. The use of decorative soldering and wire work add yet another dimension to her work. Click here to visit her website.
Where as nature is the main focus of Gary Johnson's work, Ferrous metals and stone are the medium in which he has chosen to express himself. As you examine the beauty, quality, and the life like detail of his work, it is hard to imagine, that perhaps scant day's before, this work of art was only cold, hard lifeless steel and stone. However through the eye's hand's mind and heart of an artist, a fine piece of Art Work now exists. This piece shown here cost US$300. Click here to visit his website.
This is just one of the animals featured in a sculpted fence. The fence is a showcase of work produced by Julian P. Warren. It is a permanent gallery that adorns the front of his home at 18, Burlington Road, Bristol, England. People are welcome to come and view if they are in the area. The subject matter is largely nature driven, though any subject would be considered. The materials used are mild steel, which can be finished in a variety of coatings eg. copper, bronze, zinc and stainless. Click here to visit his website.
Sculpture by Dion Wright from Arizona. The work is called "Atta Girl" and features an Atta mexicana forager carrying a single leaf fragment. The sculptor made four of those, and one of them is still available, priced at US$3500, plus packing and shipping. Click here to visit his website.

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