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Baile Del Zompopo

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El baile de Los Zompopos es una de las tradiciones más arraigadas en los habitantes del Municipio de Altagracia. En estos días puede ser testigo de la devoción con que los habitantes de este lugar mueven sus cuerpos al compás de tambores en muestra de agradecimiento a San Diego de Alcalá.

Baile Del Zompopo (Leaf Cutter Ant Dance)

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The tiny patio in front of the church was rocking. Three drummers were banging out a driving rhythm and the patio was full of bouncing bodies, all jamming with leafy branches held above their heads. The vibrating mass of humanity resembled a tropical forest in rebellion or an agitated army of Leaf Cutter Ants up against a road block. The dancers were pressed up against the façade of the old adobe church of Altagracia, blocking the temple's front door was 400 year-old wooden icon of San Diego de Alcalá, the patron saint of the ancient village. The icon represents a 15th century Spanish Franciscan friar, a Catholic Saint, who annually receives this tribute once reserved for an Indigenous God.

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