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Click on the images to the right to get detailed pics. These art images are copyright to their authors. You may not use them without permission from the respective owners. Please contact myself or the authors (via their websites) if you need any assistance.

This 1992 Montserrat stamp features the the soldier of what is said to be Atta texana.
This 1968 Venezuelan stamp features the awesome soldier of what they say is Atta sexdens, although the ant looks suspiciously like Atta laevigata. In Venezuela, as in Trinidad, the leafcutter ants are known as Bachaco.

This is a card game that features Atta ants as the main characters. Each player controls 6 Atta ants (leaf eater ants) with the goal to place all ants on the variable board. Hindered by other players' ants and the deadly spiders ants roam the board for food (little glas tokens), which they need to collect and return to the ant nest in the center of the board. For each food token returned a new ant is placed in the nest. Each round a new tile is added to the game board which may add more food tokens and more spiders.

Manufacturer: The Realm of Fantasy
Designer: Richard de Rijk
Year: 2003

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