Atta texana: atta, a presence-sensitive installation

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atta - a presence-sensitive installation.

Atta texana: atta, a presence-sensitive installation

by Carol LaFayette
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atta, by Carol LaFayette, a presence-sensitive installation, The Art Gallery, University of the South, Sewanee, TN, Dec 3, 2004 - Feb 11, 2005.

Upright screen: rotation of Atta leafcutter ant colony, a 3D model by Tatsuya Nakamura, translated from a Ground Penetrating Radar scan. Site dimensions: 8 meters x 8 meters x 8 meters.

Rock screen on floor: homage to Atta fungus farm, interactive "fungus" of what is viewed on the main screen. Real time video collage. Video programming by Carol LaFayette.

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