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Webinar: A framework for strategic response to invasive Phragmites australis in Minnesota

Author: U of M AIS Detectors

Date: 2019

Invasive Phragmites (Phragmites australis subsp. australis) is a non-native wetland grass that can degrade fish and wildlife habitat, native plant diversity, and impede access to lakes and riverways. Over the past two years, researchers at the University of Minnesota have been investigating the distribution of invasive Phragmites in the state. The MNPhrag project has documented 389 populations statewide through targeted staff surveillance and reports by community members and agency staff. Invasive Phragmites is most common in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Chisago and Wright counties, and around the city of Duluth, and most populations appear to be of manageable size. These findings suggest there is a window of opportunity to reverse invasive Phragmites spread in Minnesota by mobilizing a strategic, coordinated response across the landscape.

Biocontrol of Invasive Phragmites - May 2019 Status Update

Author: NY Invasives

Date: 2019

Dr. Bernd Blossey of Cornell University gives an update on the Phragmites australis biocontrol program. This webinar was co-sponsored by the New York Department of Transportation and the New York Invasive Species Research Institute

SEMCOG Spotlight on Invasive Species: Phragmites

Author: SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

Date: 2019

The Great Marsh

Author: Hannah Reilly

Date: 2019

The Great Marsh is the largest salt marsh ecosystem in New England.

Adirondack Invasives: Phragmites

Author: The Nature Conservancy

Date: 2017

Protect your Adirondack wetlands by keeping invasive species out. Learn how to identify and control Phragmites.

GLPC - Phragmites Control for Homeowners and Land Stewards

Author: Great Lakes Commission

Date: 2015

Protect your Adirondack wetlands by keeping invasive species out. Learn how to identify and control Phragmites.In this webinar, presenter Bob Williams will focus on the practical aspects of small scale, cost efficient, invasive Phragmites control for property owners and land stewards. He makes recommendations considering methods, products, and equipment that are easily available to homeowners and land stewards - no helicopters, no contractors, no prescribed burning, no grant money.

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