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Invasive grass found in Maine for first time

Date: 2020/10/29

Invasive stiltgrass has recently been found for the first time in Maine at a nursery in York County, according to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Officials are urging nursery professionals, landowners, and land managers to carefully search their properties for the invasive stiltgrass, also known as Japanese Stiltgrass.

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Invasive Discovery: Japanese Stiltgrass

Date: 2020/08/14

Amanda Weise, a botanist and researcher in the Plant Conservation Program at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, was volunteering in the Northeast Coulee Oak Woodland Scenic Natural Area in Wisconsin when a patch of grass with a limey-green color and distinct white stripe down the center of its leaf caught her eye. She pulled up the specimen, noted the stilt-like roots, and recognized it immediately: Japanese Stiltgrass.

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New species of invasive grass found by botanists in Wisconsin

Date: 2020/08/05

Botanists working with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have identified a new species of invasive grass in Wisconsin. Research is ongoing to determine whether the plants found are actually Japanese stilt grass (Microstegium vimineum), or if itís simply a look alike. Thus far, the plants are contained in the Coulee Experimental State Forest in La Crosse County.

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Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports Japanese stiltgrass detected in Michigan

Date: 2017/09/12

First reported on the Michigan State University Extension website as a watch for invasive plant in 2006, and again to raise awareness in 2016, as this invasive plant progressed across several neighboring states. Now, the battle against the non-native Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) has come to Michigan. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reported on September 1 that this invasive plant was found by volunteers in Scio Township in Washtenaw County and is the first detection of this species in Michigan.

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